Thursday, June 5, 2008

Wider is better...when it comes to tires

Last week I e-mailed Brett Hahn, Conti's U.S. sales rep, asking about what are the toughest tires on the planet.

"Go with our new 25cc tires," he said.

"F*** that," I replied, "I'll get made fun of at my group rides."

"Just try it," he said, "You'll be glad you did."

Brett is "the man" when it comes to bicycle tires, so I decided to take his word and give the 25cc Conti Gatorskin tires a go.

Turns out the dude knows a thing or ten about how to roll. The above chart explains why 25cc is the way to go much better than I can, but the bottom line is that they eat up the road. Toss a pair on your 1986 steel-frame Bianchi and you'll feel like you have a new carbon frame. And they're tough as nails. I run over empty beer bottles just for fun.


Chris said...

I don't know Brad. The size of the contact patch looks to be the same in total volume just dispersed differently. Is that what makes it faster? What about the negative impact to aerodynamics?

I am going to need more info before I "try this at home".

contiman said...


You are indeed correct that it is the increased volume that allows the casing to support your weight more efficiently, resulting in lower rolling resistance. In regard to the negligible increase in frontal wind resistance, simply run a narrower profile in the front - which happens to be the technical basis for Continental's front/rear-specific combo - GP Attack/Force (22/24).

Is this enough info to try at home? Enjoy the Ride!